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Radical Deep Love

Embodying Racial Equity + Racial Healing from the      Inside-Out

Whether you're someone who is motivated to embody more racial equity, someone who is seeking more self-healing connected to race, or are in need of both, you may have asked yourself these questions or similar ones:


I’m a Black, Racialized Indigenous, Mixed Race, or Person of Colour/Color whose been contemplating how to address the painful and often traumatic impacts of race, racism, privilege, invisibility, exclusion, white superiority/privilege, anti-black racism, internalized racism, displacement, appropriation, and other harmful relational and systemic structures while moving toward and authentically practicing more internal and external harm reduction, love, expansive connection, self-healing, and community healing?

How do we stay honest and real about the truth of our individual experiences, collective experiences, and/or witnessed experiences around race/racism, and maintain strong connection to “self-compassion” and learning to embody compassion for others?


I’m a Mixed Race or Person of Colour/Color who is wondering; how do I acknowledge my own traumas and pain connected to race and the structures of racism while ALSO showing up to transform racism in myself and learn to embody authentic racial equity for others?


I’m a White/White-European/White-presenting person who is wondering; How do I develop a practice of transforming the negative impacts of race, wounds of racism, and White Entitlement/ Superiority internally while also helping to transform the harmful impacts of racism externally in my relationships, work, family, school, and even with people I don’t know?

How do I do this with self-compassion, de-centering whiteness, releasing more and more unearned privilege, transforming racial hierarchies, and learning as much as I can about how to support the creation of authentic equitable relationships and structures for those who experience chronic racial exclusion, inequities, and racial trauma?


How can people want to jump into solidarity and unity without knowing how to go deeper within their minds and hearts to understand more about how they are or have been a part of replicating and/or perpetuating these painful structures?

Why do conversations about Unity often feel incomplete, where often people are still feeling deep disconnection and exclusion because of racial differences and hierarchies?

How can I combine Racial Healing and Racial Equity and make them more sustainable in my life?

What you get with...

Radical Deep Love

Self-Paced Course

  • In-depth researched + designed process created for people of ALL racial backgrounds with strong awareness of different needs of various groups (BIPOC/IBPOC, Mixed Race, White, White-presenting)
  • Radical Deep Love Framework + process supports you with working with your personalized experiences, while highlighting the knowledge and wisdom that you already come with (everyone has it, even if you don’t feel connected to it right now, we support you in re-connecting to it!)
  • 11 Videos with lessons infused with process, practices, and insights from Soma's approach deepening embodiment and integration.
  • Downloadable E-Book (108 page Graphic Designed/Full-Color Photo +  Healing Contemplations)
  • 1 Bonus Compassion Practice Video (and access to our other bonus videos + free webinars)
  • Downloadable PDFs 
  • Life-long learning + self-study process that can be adapted to how you process and grow over time

Radical Deep Love + What It Does For You?

 You have been on the exhaustive journey of navigating the seen and unseen impacts of race and racism 

and you’re looking for experienced support from people who deeply understand a lived experience as a Black, Indigenous, Mixed Race, or Person of Color. The journey through race consciousness, privilege, and community is either something you know you need to dive more into or you’ve been at it for years and are finding yourself REALLY fatigued. Witnessing and experiencing the same cycles of discussions, processing, and pain with not alot of transformation or relief in sight.

Radical Deep Love helps to relieve what we call,  “Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression Exhaustion”

mountains and trees

You’re ready

to share and learn way more about how your own body, habits of mind, and patterns have found themselves involved in the relational and systemic cycles of racism that you feel passionate about eliminating.

You’ve managed and survived

but you have a felt sense that there is much more to discover and you see a hint of illumination that can connect you with more of your wholeness, your connection to spirit, an ever-growing felt sense of possibility, joy, thriving, and greater inner liberation through race journeys.


Building Confidence in “Embodied Racial Equity”

Maybe you’re a White/White-presenting person who is questioning and tirelessly navigating power, privilege, and the complex emotions, responses, and situations that surface when engaging more deeply in the intense process of what we call “Embodied Racial Equity” and “Racial Healing”. You might be energized by a process that can help you discover and explore A LOT more about your habits of mind, patterns, and shadows connected to race, racism, white superiority/supremacy and more. You are ready and know that this courageous journey does not come without challenge and more intimacy with your wounds.


ohm meditation by water

Transforming Internalized Racism + Oppression

Are you a Black, Racialized Indigenous person, Person of Color/Colour whose ready to understand more about how internalized racism/oppression has found its way into your body, speech, and mind and you’re ready to uncover more, unlearn, re-learn, and integrate more aligned, harmonious, and self-loving ways of being and habits of mind on your journey as a racialized person? Radical Deep Love framework and process was designed to build the groundwork for this part of your courageous journey. 

a stream through rocks with mountains behind

Truth + Reconciliation Meets Authentic Unity

Unity. You may have either genuine excitement about this word or are sick and tired of hearing people talk about this word without addressing some major things. We feel you.

We’ve labored long, hard, and deep with these questions and MORE and we’re ready to support you on this courageous expedition. As some of you may already know, this work is long, uncomfortable, expansive, spiritually transformative, beautiful, painful, and deeply fulfilling, just to name a few.

We created Radical Deep Love framework + process to get to the depth, maintain the realness, bring the honesty, AND hold it all within the cradle of spirit, love, compassion, authenticity, and the possibility for sustainable transformation.

Why else it matters?

Beyond all the reasons we already mentioned,  Embodied Racial Healing + Embodied Racial Equity is incredibly useful and beneficial for


water and sky with rocks in foreground


waterfall through the trees


meditating in cave

CULTIVATING more healthy relationships in your WORK LIFE

dirt on ground with sky in background


rocks merging into water


tree with sky in background

Radical Deep Love

Created for people like YOU and BY people with a shared experience, who have been passionately dedicated over many years to coming through the other side of these complex Race + Racial Healing journeys in order to support individual and collective healing. So, if you still have faith (even if it’s really really faint) in human evolution and capacity for more expansive love

  • We have and do work with many people from ALL different racial backgrounds and this program was designed for anyone who wants to grow and heal through race journeys
  • Our program lets YOU lead your process and decide what YOU need through our framework and guidance
  • Through 5 years of research, deep practice, and study, our program is specially designed to address and support the different complex experiences, positionality, and differences that people from various racial backgrounds are working with
  • It’s a humanist + futurist approach that gets to the heart of the TRUTH of our personalized experiences and focuses on the process of internal + external reconciliation
  • Leaves LOTS of space and respects the slow journey of moving toward Unity
  • Built on cultivating a strong ground for self-compassion and relational compassion in order to cut through persistent racial blocks, barriers, replication, and harmful impacts.
ohm meditation by water

We share technologies, practices, and process to unearth, examine, and cultivates Racial Healing, while transforming the patterns in your daily life that need your attention. We focus on supporting your energetic, physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual bodies as you build a personal practice that generates skilled Racial Equity, consciousness building, and awakening.

Register Radical Deep Love 

Self-Paced Course

$350.00 + hst

One-Time Payment

 Radical Deep Love 

Embodying Racial Equity + Racial Healing from the Inside-Out 

Self-Paced Course

Eleven Videos

Downloadable PDFs

One Ebook of 108 Visuals + Healing Contemplations

Sorry, this course is no longer available for new registrants.