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Online Programs

Living Deep, Learning Deep, Everyday.

These programs are no longer available for registrations

BIPOC New Moon Sound Bath

Ancestral + Self Love Sound Healing


$0 - $30

FREE for Black People; Non-Black IPOC $15; BIPOC Self-Registration + Sponsor $30


5:30pm PST/ 8:30pm EST  to 7pm PST/10pm EST

(*For Black Indigenous and People of Colour)

This is the season of Ancestral Connection + Healing. It is the season of deconstructing and returning the remains to the earth to become nourishing soil. In these times when grief, rage, and exhaustion are surging in response to the ongoing injustices in our world, this 90 min session is an offering to honour all that is arising in you, to connect with ancestors, and offer both them and yourself love and nourishment through connecting to our essential nature of vibration and sound. Lets Vibe Up Together.

This session is for Black Indigenous and People of Colour and will centre Black people. If your ancestry, identity, and how you are racialized is not on the BIPOC spectrum we respectfully ask you not to attend to uphold our intention of creating a healing space for people of colour in these intense times.)

Deep Spirit Root Down

With Chakra Activation + Mind Medicine Embodying Spiritual Integrity in a Saturated World



2-installment payment plan available

7 Week Online Program


Are you ready for deeper, more sustainable, more rooted, and more authentic connection to your spiritual self and spiritual development?

Before we invite the kundalini to rise you must deep dive. Unearth and address the internal blockages, beliefs, and wounds while building a practice that is rooted in integrity, authenticity, honesty, and capacity building for spiritual health.

Radical Deep Love

Embodying Racial Equity + Racial Healing from the Inside-Out



Self-Paced Online Course

Ready for a holistic and transformative healing process connected to the complex  +  harmful impacts of racism, racial hierarchies, power, privilege, invisibility, exclusion, implicit bias, and other structures of racism? Learn how to move through, work through, heal through, transform, and thrive within structures of race + racism and move towards Embodied Racial Equity. There is life and wholeness beyond the traumatic impacts of structural + relational inequities!

Radical Deep Love supports those who want to build confidence in understanding, practicing, and embodying the Racial Equity and Authentic Unity that you value AND supports those who want a sustainable process for Racial Healing connected to Racial Trauma.

Have you recently gone away or even dreaming of going away...

To a sunny palm-tree filled island, another country, or out in the mountains for some Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Development, Yoga + Meditation, Energy Balancing, Unity + Connection, or Holistic Healing?

Getting away from your over-scheduled and over-active life or taking space from the exhaustive feelings of living your life in “over-capacity” mode is a great gift to yourself if you can make it happen, BUT not everyone can fly away to a retreat. And when you do, its likely reintegrating back into “regular” life brings a new set of challenges that leaves you thirsty for more support and guidance. Our Online Programs are your retreat wherever you may be, with a focus on continual integration of your discoveries on your everyday journey.

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Our Approach

We designed our “Deep Dive” Online Programs to give you the opportunity to integrate ancient wisdom teachings into your daily life in a sustainable, practical, and accessible way.

We designed frameworks and process to support you with building a solid + AUTHENTIC connection to SPIRITUALITY, spiritual health, INTUITION DEVELOPMENT, and Embodied Racial Equity + Embodied Racial Healing that has already supported many others in their journey to Holistic Wellness.

So if you're ready to Deep Dive ...

We bridge our great respect for traditional wisdom teachings, various spiritual traditions and teachers, while also deeply understanding the practical needs for integrating and moving toward EMBODIMENT of spiritual knowledge and wisdom in your daily life.

We know from our own long-term practice (but didn’t have available to us in all the ways we needed) that it takes time, deep process, and consistent support to learn how to either learn new ways of processing our experiences, traumas, and goals AND support with integrating what your learning so that you develop trust and confidence in your own innate wisdom. This important aspect helps to move through transformations with more resources, depth, and sustainability.

This greatly (and often more rapidly) supports our pathways to healing trauma, embodying our values, and embodying our purpose.

YOU are the person navigating this hectic, complex, and rapidly-changing modern experience and need more ways to conserve your energy for the things that mean the most. Our Deep Dive Online Programs help lighten the burden AND respects the work, knowledge, and experiences that you already come with. 

Our programs are designed for people at various stages of their path; new journeyers, experienced practitioners, and other facilitators.


SOMA’s Deep Dive Online Programs are manageable, accessible, and because we have expanded our online services, can be holistically woven into your life from where ever you’re located.

We’re not celebrity gurus or “superstar” teachers (as many call it), and don’t look like the stereotypical North American yogis, meditation, or spiritual teachers. More importantly, we’re not trying to be.

Our inspiration and dedication comes from an authentic motivation to support and manifest dismantling violence in the world in as many forms as possible, while actively and practically, cultivating more LOVE, authentic unity, and sustainable wellness in its place. This is done through DEEP and HOLISTIC HEALING. This is radical self-love and self-compassion and these are the foundations for natural and organic love and compassion for others to be manifested. The fruits that help heal the world.  

So if you’re ready to Deep Dive into integrating and sustaining authentic spiritual health, development, and healing that cultivates and nourishes the deeper transformation that you’ve been looking for, we would be honored to be part of your ecosystem of support on the journey.

Learn more about our online programs.

Deep Spirit Root Down

With Chakra Activation + Mind Medicine Embodying Spiritual Integrity in a Saturated World

deep spirit root down online program

Radical Deep Love

Embodying Racial Equity + Racial Healing from the Inside-Out

radical deep love online program