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One-to-One Sessions


We’re excited to work with you!

SOMA’s integrative and holistic health sessions are packaged so that they are more easily integrated into your life in a manageable way

Through the modalities in your chosen package, we “dive deep” into the journey on your chosen path over 3-sessions, 5-sessions, or 7-sessions

On any path you choose, we work with you starting from the first session, to personalize the modalities you want to focus on within the package offering that you choose.

We offer our sessions online, so that regardless of where you live, your capacity for physical exertion, mobility, transportation, or a hectic schedule, your package is more accessible.


Activation Path:


This path allows you to customize 3 sessions within the package you choose, so you can activate your path with a mix + match of different modalities or go deeper with one modality. 

Both options not only opens and activates, but also cultivates the foundational tools to support your journey, goals and intentions.


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Integration Path:


This path allows you to customize 5 sessions within the package you choose, so in addition to activation, you deep dive in excavating and unearthing aspects that have been more hidden and that are impacting your overall well-being and relationships.

This path supports you with integrating more tools, practices, and rituals into your daily life and experiences. This is a powerful cleansing and opening process that also allows for more space to integrate nourishing habits of mind, patterns, and a practice that replenishes you in your daily life.


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Embodiment Path:


This path allows you customize 7 sessions within the package you choose, giving you the benefits of activation and integration paths with the addition of honing in on your self-healing abilities and beginning to feel the process of embodying the new and refined skills, practices, and supports you have been learning and practicing.

This path supports opportunities for more sustainable wellness journey.


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$155 / SESSION:

Once you’ve journeyed on a path with us, your practitioner(s) can arrange follow-up sessions with you as needed. You can also add another 3, 5, or 7 Session Package to your chosen path.

We fundraise to offer sliding scale options and BIPOC subsidies.

Curious about requesting Soma’s Subsidized Sliding Scale Packages?

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Boost + Flow.

Ayurveda and Energy Healing.

This package is for you if you’re looking for a combination of Ayurveda (holistic nutrition, herbs, daily protocols), Culturally Rooted Somatic, and Yogic, + Energy Healing frameworks for supporting your holistic wellness journey.

Not sure what Ayurveda is?

Check out this video!

nisha helps you weave the connection of your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness for sustainable healing and transformation.

Through Ayurveda, nisha, specializes in many aspects of Ayurveda, from Gut Health and nutrition, trauma and resiliency, chronic pain, chronic + adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, Womb Health, Pre + Postnatal/Pregnancy Care, skin conditions, thyroidism, diabetes care, arthritis, cholesterol and heart health.

With Energy Work (Pranic Healing, Attmic Healing, and Reiki) you’re given an opportunity to examine and clear blocked energy (emotional, spiritual, and physical), rejuvenate depletions, and rebalance your chakras system, energy channels, auric fields, and overall energetic anatomy and/or Ancestral Connection and Ancestral Healing.

Culturally Rooted Somatics + Holistic Yogic practices are offered to support deeper transformation working with your innate ability to access neuroplacticity
+ healing that  can be integrated into your daily life for sustainable long-term approach to your journey.

With this package, you can work with in any combination of these main modalities:

  • Ayurveda Dosha Assessment
  • Culturally Rooted Somatic Healing
  • Pre + Postnatal/Pregnancy Care + Support
  • Ayurveda Herbs, Nutrition, + Self-Care Rituals
  • Energy Work (Reiki/Attmic Energy Healing/Spiritual Healing): Aura/Kosha and Chakra Imprint Cleansing/ Balancing/Replenishment; Connecting and Healing with Ancestral/Family of Origin Imprints
  • Therapeutic Yoga + Breathwork/Pranayama: Building your inner resources while learning self-directed energy work

Get your life.

Embody your purpose.

What does your life, creative process, design, and times of transition have in common?

They all hold within them the potential for powerful innovation, freedom, resiliency, and magic. You’re in a big moment.

Do you feel a vibratory energy that makes you excited and thirsty for the discovery process of unfolding to begin. While you’re connected with this excitement, you may also be feeling the re-surfacing of old fears, anxieties, questioning, confusion, and doubt. Maybe you’re not sure how to begin but you know you are ready for something amazing to reveal itself. Maybe you’re at a moment of being filled with confidence and fearlessness and are seeking some support for taking that activation to a level of deeper engagement.

We are here as a support and work with you in the process of developing your goals, intentions, and visions from a deeply spiritually grounded place. In this package, you’ll work with veteran Spirit-based Creative + Guide MeLisa or nisha in any combination of these modalities:

  • Life Purpose Activation + Jumpstart
  • Design Your Life Path
  • The Magic of Transitions
  • “Creative Chi” Activation + Expansion

Together we help you design a framework that you can use as a source of discovering your needs in this beautiful big moment. We also can support you in working with and moving through actionable steps that help you move closer to embodying the life that you envision for yourself. Living in purpose and with purpose. You have gifts and you are ready to gift yourself with the opportunity of discovering and re-discovering them so that this big moment can support manifesting, deeper living, loving, and liberation.


Authentic Spiritual You

This package is for you If you’re a truth-seeker, a spiritual journeyer, a healing facilitator, a healing support for others, or have a re-invigorated motivation to explore, learn more, and go deeper with your connection to your spiritual self, spiritual identity, intuitive wisdom, and cultivate more spiritual health.

You’ve done some important interpersonal work and transformation or have a new-found commitment to it.

You’ve developed some level of understanding and experience that your process of healing is directly connected to deepening a connection with your spiritual self and you are ready for more.

Your heart has been pierced (in a good way) and your light has been activated.

You’re excited and interested to work with an “on-the-ground” practitioner who has been in the trenches to develop an authentic spiritual practice and path over several decades (in this lifetime :). You’re ready for more personal contact and authentic connection with an experienced long-term practitioner who respects your innate wisdom, and who supports your other root spiritual teachers/paths that you respect and may be connected with already. Your consciousness is ready for more. In this package, you’ll work with Journeyer-Guide MeLisa or nisha in any combination of these modalities:

  • Spiritual Path Activation + Jumpstart
  • Compassionate Reflection + Mirror (Shadow/Illumination Work)
  • Spiritual Guidance + Development
  • Energy Healing/Reiki Earth-based Shamanic Healing (Peruvian/West African with MeLisa, South Asian rooted with nisha)
  • Deep Meditation + Mindfulness-Awareness Development
  • Sound Healing/Sound Ceremony


Creation Channeling

This package is for you If you’re ready to open yourself as a creative channel or expand your creative possibilities through a holistic practice that connects body, mind, and spirit.

Whether you’re opening up to creativity as a renewed aspect of yourself, you’re a seasoned creative professional looking to unblock where you’re stuck, or you’re seeking support with a specific project, a story editor, a movement-arts coach, or dramaturg- we got you! In this package you’ll work with a veteran professional creative + guide, nisha through any of the following modalities:

  • Body Wisdom Writing (Including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, playwriting, copy writing, to blogging!)
  • Meditative Creation with the Chakras/ Chakra Meditation
  • Dramaturgy (Playwriting, physical theatre, dance, movement arts)
  • Energy Work and/or  Ancestral Wisdom-Healing for creative activation and awakening

Things To Note:

  • All One-to-One package sessions are done online through Zoom.
  • In-person One-to-One Sessions are available seasonally in Toronto, Canada and are available in other cities depending on the time of year. Please reach out and ask about our schedule.
  • Packages are not transferable to another person and non-refundable.
  • Sessions can be rescheduled up to 24hrs before the scheduled session. If 24hrs notice is not given, session fees are non-transferable to another session.
  • Sessions must be used within 9 months of purchase.


Soma practitioners are not allopathic medical doctors, psychotherapists, or financial counsellors, and will not provide biomedical (allopathic) diagnose of illness, disease, or any physical or mental disorders, nor do they prescribe medical treatment or pharmaceuticals. Soma’s services are not a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or licensed psychological support and it is recommended to consult a primary healthcare provider, psychologist, psychotherapist, or psychiatrist for those services.

Packages are not transferable to another person and non-refundable. Sessions can be rescheduled up to 24hrs before the scheduled session. If 24hrs notice is not given, session fees are non-transferable to another session. Sessions must be used within 9 months of purchase.