Emilia Farrace

Working with MeLisa from Soma has been such a big blessing as I journey towards more clarity in my life-vision. She held a safe, calm, and generous container for me to un-earth and look at challenging aspects of my past/ self. After working with MeLisa, I received some powerful signs and dreams, as well as feelings of decisiveness & clarity. All of this helped me to release fear and reach towards some big life-visions. It’s no doubt that some of the personal growth I’ve experienced is due to the guidance, presence & clearing that MeLisa offers so generously in her sessions. She is a truly compassionate practitioner & I highly recommend sessions with her as part of healing past traumas, aligning to life-visions, or connecting with an essential part of your-being that has been forgotten, hidden, or lost.

-Sai: Naturpathic Doctor