Jessie Sussanah

Soma Connection

My Radical Deep Love (racial healing and equity) one-to-one sessions with MeLisa supported me through an incredibly difficult time of investigating and peeling back additional layers on my relationship with white supremacy culture. Our work together held space for and catalyzed so much change, and the upheaval that is inevitable with real shift was made possible by MeLisa’s dual grounding in self-compassion and accountability to truth. Our most notable work centered in guiding me to witness the ways that, within my attempts at educating myself into a place of radical anti-racism and speaking publicly about the same, I was still embodying white narcissism.
MeLisa is deeply thoughtful and intuitive, acknowledged me as worthy of showing up for and with, and treated me with a gifted and expert combination of compassion and rigor. Our work together was hard, confronting, and at times frustrating, but we worked through everything that arose with real human intimacy and radical deep love! These sessions were a deeply healing and humanizing experience. I feel much more able to show up in the friction points of racialized society, less fragile, and more humble and human.

Jessie Susannah Karnatz, “Moneywitch” Intuitive Financial Coaching