Are You Wondering….

“Sliding scale is new to me, so how do I know if I’m the right fit for subsidized sessions?”

“These packages are outside my means. Wait, are these packages and programs really outside my means?”

  • For our One-to-One sessions through the various paths + packages we happily include discounted rates and savings to make longer term commitments to the sessions a little easier on everyone’s pocket
  • For the Deep Dive Online Programs there are options for limited 2-installment payment plans
  • We also offer a limited number of Subsidized Sliding Scale Spaces that are resourced through a percentage of funds dedicated through the MoonGold Memberships (and the practitioners time and labor when these resources are limited)
  • For our one-to-one offerings through the various paths + packages we happily include discounted rates and savings to make longer term commitments to the sessions a little easier on everyone’s pocket.

Subsidized Sliding Rates:

One-to-One Follow

Activation Path: 3 session package

Integration Path: 5 session package

Embodiment Path: 7 session package





*Payment Plans of 2 payments available for path packages.  /  *Full Payment must be received before first session is booked.

*If you are able to make a full payment, please consider doing so, as it allows us to spend more time supporting people rather than managing payments. Much appreciated!

SOMA strives to make integrative wellness more accessible to more people.

When requesting a subsidized session with a SOMA practitioner, please consider paying the highest amount possible for your specific financial circumstances so we can spread more sessions to more people.

We invite you to use the below considerations when requesting a subsidized spot. You may need to balance a mix of considerations from different categories to make the most accurate assessment.

Consider paying the Full Rate if you:

  • Own or inherited the home you live in or own other property
  • Have investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money
  • Travel recreationally
  • Have access to family money and resources in times of need
  • Have insurance benefits
  • Work part time by choice (rather than being forced because of economic struggle, difficulty finding other paid work, etc.)
  • Have a relatively high degree of earning power due to level of education, gender, racial privilege, class background, etc. (Even if you are not currently exercising your earning power, we ask you to recognize this as a choice.)

Consider paying the Subsidized Rate if you:

  • Have extra expenses or limited access to paid employment because of dependent or children
  • Have chronic illness/disability/medical expenses not covered by insurance
  • Have ongoing health or disability concerns that limit your access to employment
  • HIV and AIDS medications and related services not covered by insurance
  • Receive social assistance and/or disability insurance
  • Have immigration-related expenses
  • Have gender transition related expenses (For our Transgender and Gender-Queer clients)
  • Are an elder with limited financial support
  • Tuition/Educational Expenses that you don’t have the means to pay back every month without struggle or support to pay back
  • Are an unpaid community organizer and have challenges making ends meet
  • Are someone who has been denied work due to incarceration history

**The above sliding scale self-assessment tools are based on the work and words from other practitioners from across Turtle Island/North America trying to make holistic healing accessible to more people such as Third Root Health Centre in NYC and Six Degrees Community Acupuncture in Toronto.