What’s Soma’s idea of Integrative Wellness?


Thanks for visiting! SOMA is no longer in operations.

You can now work with MeLisa at  https://www.riseandshinebrightly.com and nisha at https://www.yumholisiticwellness.com and https://www.fullspectrumintimacycoordinator.com .

We look forward hearing from you!


We are beautifully complex beings. 

Rather than a ONE approach to healing and wellness, we discovered that a more HOLISTIC and PERSONALIZED approach was needed. SOMA was the result.

When we say Integrative Wellness we mean it. In so many ways. The integration that we’re talking about allows us to make connections between multiple powerful time-tested healing modalities. It holds in its foundation the understanding that our physical body, emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body are all inter-connected, interdependent, AND integrated. SOMA practitioners support you to reconnect and build the inner/internal circle of deep support for and between your mind, body, and spirit.

Our approach to Integrative Wellness understands that for long-term and sustainable wellness process, protocols, and development are needed to integrate our discoveries, practices, and process into an authentic embodied experience that supports balanced holistic well-being. It understands that we are all connected; that healing and wellness do not happen in isolation, and that community wellness, social systems and structures, access to equitable lives and experiences, environment, spiritual health, and relational engagement are key integrated parts of our individual and collective health and wellness (and human evolution).

Soma Integrative Wellness is a “heart-bridge” that brings together a variety of traditional wellness and healing modalities that provide a holistic healing approach for people who are interested in working with us.

We understand that like us, you too may need and are looking for a more creative and multi-dimensional approach to your health, wellness, and healing.

We were seeking the same when we began our intentional healing journeys. The roots of our integrative practice, were designed specially to speak to, support, and uplift the complexities that your experience holds. We don’t just provide health and wellness support. SOMA’s Integrative practice activates and expands on your own wisdom, brilliance, creative expression, and self-healing abilities.

We are excited and have been waiting to connect with you.