Dangers of Spiritual Bypassing


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The personal and relational dangers of Spiritual Bypassing are real and impactful.

We witness this all the time- often a subconscious byproduct of “wanting to maintain your bliss” or “do the spiritual thing” or “stay in a high vibration” is getting stuck in, what people may know as, Spiritual Bypassing.

Spiritual Bypassing tendencies don’t allow people to access their full selves.  Nor does this internal habitual pattern consider really important complex social + relational experiences connected to positionality, power, race, racism, privilege, and histories of colonization within the context of spiritual healing and development.

This leads to replicating harm and the traumatic impacts of inequities when the intention is to do the opposite. It can damage and suppress your physical nervous system, emotional and mental health, and your resiliency to deal with new stress (or trauma). It also, ironically, impedes your spiritual health from your chakra alignment and balance to your electromagnetic (auric or ethereal) fields.

We’ve been there, witnessed it, been harmed by it, and shifted through it, and are  so excited to support others in transforming and preventing these tendencies on their path.

Explore more in the videos below and check out our Deep Dive Institute Deep Spirit Root Down 7-week online program or One-to-One “Authentic Spiritual You” sessions to support your personal journey that can expand far beyond the dangers and traps of Spiritual Bypassing.

The Dangers of Spiritual Bypassing Part 1:

The Dangers of Spiritual Bypassing Part 2: