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Your Practitioners

We’re an integration of Medicine Women, Creatives, and Coaches and we‘ve built a heart-bridge from our ancestors to you!


our roots

The roots of our practice come from long-term practice and study and are a bridge between traditional wisdom traditions, modern science, research, and contemporary experience.

This includes our training in Western Science, Yogic Sciences, Traditional Medicine, and Earth-based wisdom traditions that more and more people all over the world, have been re-connecting with in recent years. Individuals, organizations, and the business sector, have and still are experiencing the undeniable positively transformative impacts of these practices on their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Many of these frameworks are time tested (thousands of years) and are still here for a reason. They hold within them the power to heal, transform, connect/re-connect, and shake up our capacity for real progress far beyond what we thought possible.


At times, we've both seriously considered living full-time in a Buddhist monastery or in Yogic Ashram, BUT, we each felt the deep call to continue our spiritual journeying in this form, and to serve and support others.

We also know there is a great need to pass on internal process and the practice of healing to younger and future generations. We are motivated by our collective need for community wellness, authentic unity, human evolution, and helping to support cultivating less suffering in our world.


Over two decades, we have supported hundreds of people

through our careers and practices as wellness practitioners, educators, community workers, artists, designers, musicians, researchers, volunteers, and facilitators. We have done the hard hard grind for many years, and feel deeply honored to have had the opportunity to transform our practices into the form of Integrative Wellness to serve and support more people over these past 3 years!


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MeLisa Moore

MeLisa is Co-Founder, Creative + Marketing Director for SOMA Integrative Wellness

She is loving her 40s and excited to continue to expand in love through this middle-aged part of her journey. She loves supporting people through Creative + Life Coaching, Racial Equity Development, Racial Healing + Unity Process, Education Consulting/Facilitation/Design + Development, Energy Healing/Balancing-Reiki, Bodywork, Spiritual Health + Development.

methods. practices. training.

  • 18 years Buddhist Psychology, Meditation-Mindfulness/Mind-Body-Energy training + practice
  • Trauma-Informed Practice
  • Spirit-heart centred approach, bridging physical, mental, and spiritual health
  • Honing in on your unique strengths to anchor and lead your Holistic Healing journey w/practitioner as guide
  • Usui Reiki I + II
  • 3-year Peruvian Pachakuti Mesa Shamanic Apprenticeship
  • Zen Shiatsu I
  • Energy Transfer Coursework (TAC)
  • Creativity Coach (Design + Multi-disciplinary Art)
  • Sacred Space Design + Intuitive Elemental Interior Design
  • 25 years of Music training, research, + performance in electro-acoustic, experimental, sound art-installation w/ a concentration on ancestors, healing, + spirituality
  • 15 years Mindfulness Integrated Science, Math, Arts/Maker Educator
  • Founder/Lead Designer Nikkuu Design
  • B.A. Biology 

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nisha ahuja

nisha is Co-Founder + Director of Operations for Soma Integrative Wellness

 nisha overflows with a love in supporting others with Ayurvedic Medicine, Culturally Rooted Somatic Healing, Holistic Nutrition, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Ancestral Healing, Holistic Yogic practices, and Spiritual Guidance that connect people with their self-healing ability, deeper and more expansive self-love, body positivity, and working with and healing trauma through these ancient practices that meet modern understandings of neuroplacticity and quantum theory.



  • Trauma-Informed Practice
  • Spirit-heart centred approach, bridging physical, mental, and spiritual health
  • Honing in on your unique strengths to anchor and lead your Holistic Healing journey w/practitioner as guide
  • 30 years Holistic Yogic Practitioner
  • Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner 
  • Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner and Panchkarma Therapist 
  • Attmic Energy Healing
  • Usui Reiki (Master) 
  • Vocalized Sound Healing + Sound Medicine 
  • Physical theatre creation + performance + facilitator
  • Published playwright + voice over artist
  • Body wisdom creation and healing
  • Creativity Coach + Dramaturge 
  • Graduate + Alumni, Centre for Ayurveda and Indian Systems of Healing
  • Certified, S-VYASA Yoga University
  • B. A. Honours Theatre Creation + Performance, 
  • B.A (minor) International Development