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4 Paths to Racial Equity + Racial Healing

Self-Compassion for Racial Healing

We created our Racial Equity + Racial Healing framework,  to get to the depth, maintain the realness, bring the honesty, AND hold it all within the cradle of spirit, compassion, authenticity, and the possibility for sustainable transformation.

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Who's it for?

Our Holistic  framework + process was designed for people at various stages of their Racial Equity + Racial Healing paths. We have worked with a wide range of individuals, businesses, organizations, and institutions.  Soma’s framework is manageable, accessible, and can be holistically woven into your life and workplace. Our framework was specially designed to be customizable in order to meet your individual and organizational goals.

We support new journeyers, as well as people who have done some good work over the years, but are interested in an integrated approach and want to go deeper in their own process. We also work with experienced practitioners and facilitators of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion who would like to go deeper with their own internal process, practice, and healing. If you’re ready to “deep dive” into integrating and sustaining authentic and what we call, Embodied Racial Equity and Embodied Racial Healing that cultivates and nourishes the deeper transformation that you’ve been looking for, we would be honored to be part of your ecosystem of support on the journey.

Here are 4 Paths to Accessing Radical Deep Love

You can begin or continue on your transformative journey to more expanded, more in-depth, and more sustainable Embodied Racial Equity + Embodied Racial Healing

You don’t need to follow the 4-Paths in any particular order

You can choose how you want to engage

You can go at your own pace

Path #1

Radical Deep Love Self-Paced Online Program

RADICAL DEEP LOVE  SELF-PACED ONLINE PROGRAM contains the same innovative framework as our other RADICAL DEEP LOVE offerings with the added gift of time for your personalized journey and self-study.

With an emphasis on moving towards authentic unity, and cross-cultural and cross-racial connections with courageous racial reconciliations, this program builds a strong foundation for deep diving into EMBODIED RACIAL HEALING and/or EMBODIED RACIAL EQUITY as an integrative sustainable practice.

  • Have you been on the exhaustive journey of navigating the seen and unseen impacts of race and racism?
  • Are you frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed by social media and all of the different ways that people are talking about race, racism, anti-black racism, and "whiteness"/white privilege/white supremacy but still are not sure how to talk about it, fully relate to it, or understand it in your own daily life?
  • Are you looking for practical tools for assessing your own body, speech, mind, and actions around these topics and practical ways of talking to family, friends, and even strangers about race, racism, white supremacy, white privilege, anti-black racism and related structures?
  • Are you looking for more holistic and spirit-based ways of understanding, relating, transforming, and healing through race journeys?

  • Are you a White/Caucasian/White-presenting person who is questioning and tirelessly navigating power, privilege, and the complex emotions, responses, and situations that surface when engaging more deeply in the intense process of Racial Equity, Anti-racism, Anti-oppression work?
  • Are you an Indigenous, Black, or Mixed Race person or Person of Color/Colour  who is ready to understand more about how internalized racism/oppression has found its way into your body, speech, and mind and you are ready to uncover more, unlearn, re-learn, and integrate more aligned, harmonious, and self-loving ways of being and habits of mind on your journey as a racialized person?
  • Do you see a hint of light that can connect you with more of your wholeness, your connection to spirit, and an ever-growing felt sense of joy and possibility of greater inner liberation through race journeys.
  • Have you managed and survived through these journeys, but have a felt sense that there is much more to discover?

  • Are you looking for experienced support from others who either share your lived experience as a Black, Indigenous, Mixed Race, or Person of Colour/Color OR you’re a White/White-presenting person who wants to learn from and with experienced racialized practitioners

During our research, envisioning, designing, and developing the RADICAL DEEP LOVE framework, we saw that there was a much needed spiritual and compassion-based process for diving deep into the multitude of Racial Equity layers and what we call Racial Healing process.

The Radical Deep Love process is practical, effective, accessible, flexible, adaptable, sustainable, and full of love while still staying in strong connection with honesty, truth, acknowledgement, internal reconciliation, and the path of action-oriented reconciliation with others.

  • You can complete the Self-Paced Course in as little as 7-weeks depending on the amount of time you dedicate
  • We recommend that you infuse the practice of patience and spaciousness balanced with a consistent personal time commitment in order to allow the journey of the process to be integrated to your fullest capacity
  • Self-pacing will be different for everyone, but respecting a “slow” (yet definitely steady) has the greatest benefit. (Completing 1 video a week is a well-grounded pace for many)

Radical Deep Love

Self-Paced Course Comes With

  • 11 Video Self-paced Pre-recorded  Course
  • Downloadable E-Book (108 page Graphic Designed/Full-Color Photo +  Healing Contemplations)
  • Downloadable PDFs 
  • Life-long learning + self-study process that can be adapted to how you process and grow over time

Path #2

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Packages for Organizations, Businesses & Institutions



Our Culture Boost programs can be part of your ecosystem of support for the activation, cultivation, and enhancement of your organization’s current Workplace Culture, Group Dynamics, Authentic Relationship Development, and Equity/Diversity/Inclusion practices and culture.


  • Is your organization, business, or institution looking to create a more authentically diverse and inclusive workforce, while also greatly boosting staff morale, connection, and effective collaboration within your workplace social culture?
  • Have you been struggling to figure out why your firm or company keeps hitting up against low retention rates with employees of color and continuosly seeing a lack of gender diversity in your company?
  • Are you at an important transition and growing edge where you, your team, and your organization could use an experienced "outside eye", a strong support system, space for re-assessment, and a rejuvenated boost in team dynamics, authentic employee relationships, and overall work climate and culture so that your team can work at its most creative and productive capacity?
  • Have you been observing or collecting data in your workplace that shows connections between employee social connection, unity, diverse racial +  cultural experiences, and improved economic outcomes and goals?
  • Are you interested in moving away from solely a "numbers-based" Equality/Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion index and framework, into expanding into a more authentic, sustainable, and embodied REDI framework for your work environment and community?
  • Are you ready to move to the next level in your internal learning and development and also have a growing interest in deepening your understanding and/or widening your framework of how Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging might be impacting you, your team members, employees, overall work culture, and organizational goals.


 Life-long learning, culture creation/cultivation, work climate, and authentically connected employees are essential for the development, growth, sustainability, and evolution of your organization.

Everybody needs support and we're here for you.



Activation Boost Packages Include Customized Process for Group Sessions

Activation Boost

  • We build upon an interpersonal process engaging our integrative wellness + nervous system supportive frameworksto cultivate a safer space for powerful relational learning that supports developing more empathy and compassion for the diversity of needs, values, and work experiences of fellow team members and leaders.
  • This deep learning program supports individual assessment and deeper self-study. Our holistic, experiential, discussion, and play-based framework allows for participants to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of their own character tendencies, work behaviors, needs, and communication styles in an exciting and fun way, so they can be more authentic and effective in their work and work relationships.
  • We also address, support, and transform areas of low motivation due to workplace fatigue, blocked workflow and performance, and incorporate a strong focus to optimize and re-energize individual workplace rejuvenation and purpose.

    (Includes Online and/or In-Person Group Sessions)

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Culture+ Equity Boost Packages include Customized Group Sessions, One-to-One Sessions for Leadership Team Members, and Consulting


Culture + Equity Boost

  • We know that Leadership and HR teams are doing important work to keep team members and employees supported in their learning and development journeys. Our Culture + Equity Boost program is here to support you and offer a sharp “outside eye” along with bringing seasoned expertise in Relational + Interpersonal dynamics, Culture Healing,

    Belonging, Resolution + Relational Resilience, and Equity- Diversity-Inclusion/Racial Equity/Racial Healing when you need it most.  

  • Respecting your internal expertise and experience, we collaborate with your team using our deep listening + compassionate communication process, integrative wellness + nervous system support frameworks, deep Equity-Diversity-Inclusion facilitation, and holistic leadership framework.
  • We  support you with re-igniting and re-aligning teams, management, and leadership with purpose + mission within the context of your organizational purpose + mission.
  • Recharge and renew authentic, productive, efficient, and sustainable communication between team members, that supports meeting and even exceeding organizational + business goals, meeting benchmarks, completing daily tasks, increasing time efficiency, and moving closer to big vision outcomes.
  • Reconnect employees, management, and leadership to organizational values and co-design a pathway for more authentic embodiment of these valuesin your practice, process, and work. We implement a process and framework that holds a strong emphasis on Equity-Diversity-Inclusion development and enhancement within your organization.
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Village Boost Packages include Customized Group Sessions, One-to-One Sessions for Leadership Team Members, Deep Listening Assessment + Auditing, and on-going Consulting

Village Boost

  • The Village Boost package will imbue your teams with the ground and intentional space for important re-invigorated re-connection, deeper engagement, and authentic collaboration.
  • We support with assessment, auditing, and deep learning + development with understanding where the gaps and needs are for whole team(s) culture cultivation/enhancement, low or inconsistent team motivation/production/morale, team communication break-down cycles, what we call "communication homogeny", and overall team stagnation. This also includes connections with how these cycles are related to Equity-Diversity-Inclusion, Racial Equity, and Racial Healing, and Belonging blockages that impact overall team wellness.
  • This Boost will carry through to even the most complex projects, strategic planning, organizational benchmarks, or enhancing and re-activating a healthy, inclusive, and energizing climate and culture.
  • We focus on restoration, resilience, resolution, and reconciliationin the places that need it most.
  • We use deeply engaging, innovative, and forward-thinking interactive team building activities and people connecting process.
  • Our Culture Boost play-based and deep contemplative practice framework and tools, deep listening practices, integrative wellness + nervous system support tools, and facilitated collaborative process re-inspire, motivate, re-activate, and build solidarity amongst employees and team members.
  • know that Leadership and HR teams are doing important work to keep team members and employees supported in their learning and development journeys. Our Culture + Equity Boost program is here to support you and offer a sharp “outside eye” along with bringing seasoned expertise in Relational + Interpersonal dynamics, Culture Healing,

    Belonging, Resolution + Relational Resilience, and Equity- Diversity-Inclusion/Racial Equity/Racial Healing when you need it most. 

Path #3

Radical Deep Love Downloadable E-Books

love notes to everyone cover
Love Notes to Everyone: 
108 image + text Racial Healing Contemplations
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radical deep love workbook coming soon
Radical Deep Love Workbook
$24.99 + tax
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Path #4

Radical Deep Love One-to-One Sessions

Our 1-to-1 Radical Deep Love and Radical Deep Love and Yoga Sessions are Currently on Pause.

For Ancestral/Racial Healing Sessions, Sign Up for

Boost + Flow or Authentic Spiritual You Packages.