4 Paths to Racial Equity + Racial Healing

Self-Compassion for Racial Healing

We created our Racial Equity + Racial Healing framework,  to get to the depth, maintain the realness, bring the honesty, AND hold it all within the cradle of spirit, compassion, authenticity, and the possibility for sustainable transformation.

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Who's it for?

Our Holistic  framework + process was designed for people at various stages of their Racial Equity + Racial Healing paths. We have worked with a wide range of individuals, businesses, organizations, and institutions.  Soma’s framework is manageable, accessible, and can be holistically woven into your life and workplace. Our framework was specially designed to be customizable in order to meet your individual and organizational goals.

We support new journeyers, people who have done some good work over the years, but are interested in an integrated approach and want to go deeper in their own process. We also work with experienced practitioners and facilitators of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion who would like to go deeper with their own internal process, practice, and healing. If you’re ready to “deep dive” into integrating and sustaining authentic and what we call, Embodied Racial Equity and Embodied Racial Healing that cultivates and nourishes the deeper transformation that you’ve been looking for, we would be honored to be part of your ecosystem of support on the journey.

Here are 4 Paths to Accessing Radical Deep Love

You can begin or continue on your transformative journey to more expanded, more in-depth, and more sustainable Embodied Racial Equity + Embodied Racial Healing

You don’t need to follow the 4-Paths in any particular order

You can choose how you want to engage

You can go at your own pace

You may want to do Radical Deep Love One-to-One Sessions before or after you engage with the Radical Deep Love Online Course, in order to receive individual support before you begin and/or after you complete the process.

NOTE: This is not necessary, but depends on where you are on your journey. We do recommend this for beginners or for people who need more guidance in your learning process.

Path #1

Radical Deep Love One-to-One Sessions


Our one-to-one sessions are specific to people interested in a Holistic, Wellness, and Unity-based approach to deep diving into self, ancestors, and your personal internal experiences, understanding, and relationships connected to Race, Racial Healing, and Racial Equity.

We go deep into awakening and expanding consciousness around race, racism, white privilege, anti-black racism, implicit bias, exclusion, internalized racism, reconciliation, and authentic unity.

Our sessions offer a framework and process for your journey in order to better understand and build confidence in moving forward with practicing, facilitating, and/or developing a practice of individual Embodied Racial Equity (essentially helping you align your mindsets, habits, patterns, and actions with your values) and important individual Racial Healing work.

Radical Deep Love sessions are designed from the framework of harm reduction, what we call "authentic equity", self and relational compassion development, unlearning, re-learning, and a integrating either a sustainable Racial Equity practice and/or integrating Racial Healing from the wounds of the negative impacts of race, racism, implicit bias, exclusion,  internalized racism/oppression, cultural appropriation, and other structures that cause a build-up of stress on body, mind, and spiritual health.

Path #2

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion:Organizations, Businesses, and Institutions

  • Is your organization, business, or institution looking to create a more authentically diverse and inclusive workforce, while also greatly boosting staff morale, connection, and effective collaboration within your workplace social culture?
  • Have you been struggling to figure out why your firm or company keeps hitting up against low retention rates with employees of color and continuosly seeing a lack of gender diversity in your company?
  • Have you been observing or collecting data in your workplace that shows connections between employee social connection, unity, diverse racial +  cultural experiences, and improved economic outcomes and goals?
  • Are you interested in moving away from solely a "numbers-based" Equality/Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion index and framework, into expanding into a more authentic, sustainable, and embodied REDI framework for your work environment and community?


  • We support you with EMBODYING your company VALUES through CARE (Corporate Action Racial Equity) and GenderCare for gender diversity.
  • We draw from a long-term, strong, and versatile work backgrounds as STEM/STEAM Educators, Professional Creatives, Community Workers, Facilitators, Entrepreneurs, and Integrative Health + Wellness Practitioners. This has provided us with extensive experience in a range of fields and has allowed us the opportunity to serve and work with a wide range of people from a wide spectrum of  racial, cultural, and global backgrounds.
  • Over the past 5 years, we designed an approach that draws together qualitative data from our one-to-one and small group sessions, our long-term personal experiences and research, along with the extensive external research that makes strong and powerful connections between mental health, workplace wellness, and healthy work environments. Our health + wellness practice and research has shown that the impacts of health + wellness in the workplace is greatly impacted and often directly related to employee experiences with relational implicit and unconscious bias, discrimination, race-related disconnection, and lack of workplace racial unity.
  • With our varied experiences, we've also cultivated a very DEEP understanding of the nuances and complexities of working with and cultivating healthy relationship building, working with conflict, multi-level problem-solving, and innovating solutions to tackle workplace community wellness.
  • Our practice supports employers with their personal EDI/REDI development which positively impacts inclusive work place entry-points and reduces barriers to developing a racially diverse workforce.
  • We address and can help to mitigate inconsistent retention numbers with racially diverse employees in your company or organization through supporting REDI leadership development, employee professional development, and community-unity building.


To support and deep dive into your Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion missions and mandates AND embodying your company/organizational values, we developed CARE (Corporate Action Racial Equity) and GenderCare for Businesses, Organizations, and Institutions. We've been supporting groups, institutions, businesses, and organizations with reducing barriers created by workplace personal-relational + institutional unconscious bias, exclusion, and discrimination. More importantly, we provide you with leadership and employee tools, practices, and resources to learn how to transform it sustainably while still doing and improving your business.

Our analysis and approach is practical, accessible, flexible, adaptable, sustainable, and full of compassion, while still staying in strong connection with honesty, truth, acknowledgement, and reconciliation. 

Equity, Diversity + Inclusion

Webinars, Courses, Customizable Programs + Consulting

  • Innovative, Creative, Interactive, and Multi-functional Process + Practice with an intersectional approach and focus on Racial diversity, Belonging, + deep Cross-Cultural relationship building
  • Full-stack, researched + designed process and practice created for people of ALL racial backgrounds with strong awareness of different needs of various groups
  • Supports sustainable EDI/REDI, employee/employer Health + Wellness, and Workplace Community Wellness
  • Customizable In-Person Programs based on your company or organization's needs, goals, and mandates
  • We've created a SELF-PACED ONLINE COURSE that supports EDI/REDI personal development for individual employees and employers
  • We also do LIVE WEBINARS, and consistent VIDEO + TEXT-BASED CONTENT CREATION  for on-going EDI/REDI Professional Development
  • Although we are primarily an ONLINE RESOURCE, we do IN-PERSON programs upon request
  • We're available for hourly, short-term, and long-term  CONSULTING

Path #3

Radical Deep Love Online Program

RADICAL DEEP LOVE  SELF-PACED COURSE  Contains the same innovative framework as our other RADICAL DEEP LOVE offerings with the added gift of time for your personalized journey and self-study. It is self-directed, and builds a strong foundation for deep diving into  EMBODIED RACIAL HEALING and/or EMBODIED RACIAL EQUITY and an integrative sustainable practice.

  • Have you been on the exhaustive journey of navigating the seen and unseen impacts of race and racism?
  • Are you frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed by social media and all of the different ways that people are talking about race, racism, anti-black racism, and "whiteness"/white privilege/white superiority but still are not sure how to talk about it, fully relate to it, or understand it in your own daily life?
  • Are you looking for practical tools for assessing your own body, speech, mind, and actions around these topics and practical ways of talking to family, friends, and even strangers about race, racism, white superiority, white privilege, anti-black racism and related structures?
  • Are you looking for more holistic and spirit-based ways of understanding, relating, transforming, and healing through race journeys?

  • Are you a White/Caucasian/White-presenting person who is questioning and tirelessly navigating power, privilege, and the complex emotions, responses, and situations that surface when engaging more deeply in the intense process of Racial Equity, Anti-racism, Anti-oppression work?
  • Are you an Indigenous, Black, or Mixed Race person or Person of Color/Colour  who is ready to understand more about how internalized racism/oppression has found its way into your body, speech, and mind and you are ready to uncover more, unlearn, re-learn, and integrate more aligned, harmonious, and self-loving ways of being and habits of mind on your journey as a racialized person?
  • Do you see a hint of light that can connect you with more of your wholeness, your connection to spirit, and an ever-growing felt sense of joy and possibility of greater inner liberation through race journeys.
  • Have you managed and survived through these journeys, but have a felt sense that there is much more to discover?

  • Are you looking for experienced support from others who either share your lived experience as a Black, Indigenous, Mixed Race, or Person of Colour/Color OR you’re a White/White-presenting person who wants to learn from and with experienced racialized practitioners

We spent 5 intensive years envisioning, designing, and developing RADICAL DEEP LOVE framework and process to address these needs and more. We saw that there was a much needed spiritual and compassion-based process for diving deep into the multitude of Racial Equity layers and what we call Racial Healing process.

It is practical, accessible, flexible, adaptable, sustainable, and full of love while still staying in strong connection with honesty, truth, acknowledgement, internal reconciliation, and the path of action-oriented reconciliation with others.

  • You can complete the Self-Paced Course in as little as 7-weeks depending on the amount of time you dedicate
  • We recommend that you infuse the practice of patience and spaciousness in order to allow the process to be done and integrated to its fullest capacity
  • This will be different for everyone, but we and others have found that respecting “slow” (yet definitely steady) as the greatest benefit.
  • Completing 1 video a week is a well-grounded pace

Radical Deep Love

Self-Paced Course Comes With

  • 11 Video Self-paced Pre-recorded  Course
  • Downloadable E-Book (108 page Graphic Designed/Full-Color Photo +  Healing Contemplations)
  • Downloadable PDFs 
  • 1 Bonus Compassion Practice Video
  • Life-long learning + self-study process that can be adapted to how you process and grow over time

Path #4

Radical Deep Love Downloadable E-Books

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Love Notes to Everyone: 
108 image + text Racial Healing Contemplations
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Radical Deep Love Workbook
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