Bridging Design and the Sacred

All Moongold sacred healing objects are designed and hand-made with love and healing intention at every stage of the process. Each print and customized piece serves as a support for your journey toward deeper connection with self, your essential nature, ancestors, Mother Earth, your inner power, and collective wellness.

Moongold sacred healing objects draw upon universal truths and the roots of interdependence amongst all peoples, cultures, and wisdom traditions from around the world. Our custom designs are handmade and co-created by YOU and an inter-disciplinary designer/healing practitioner.

Drawing inspiration from long-time ancestral and spiritual lineage connection and initiations, Moongold sacred healing objects are manifested specifically from our indigenous wisdoms from West Africa, Turtle Island (Cherokee), Peru, and Tibet. They also incorporate universal design elements that connect many sacred wisdom traditions. People from all different cultural and ancestral backgrounds find connection to these sacred objects and the co-creative process allows YOU to also incorporate your wisdom in its creation.

Every order supports full or partial subsidized wellness services and kid/youth Holistic Design Village programs. Thank you for supporting others while you nourish yourself!

Customized Sacred Healing Objects

Once you choose a customized sacred object (wall hanging, necklace, or hand-held object) the creation process starts with a 30-min online Activation + Energy Healing session with the practitioner-designer. The session includes bringing to surface what you would like to “call-in” with your sacred healing object. The practitioner-designer then utilizes contemplative design, energy healing, and other Earth-based spiritual lineage teachings to design and handcraft your personalized healing object to support your specific journey and intention. Sacred healing object is then delivered right to you!

Note: All customization is created from your choice of a variety of design materials and elements that we provide.

Sacred Wall Hangings


Includes 30-minute Energy Work/Activation Session + Customized Wall Hanging

Shipping and handling included

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Hand-Held Sacred Objects


Includes 30-minute Energy Work/Activation Session + Customized Hand-Held Object

Shipping and handling included

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Manifesting/Heart Protecting/Power Chakra Necklaces


Includes 30-minute Energy Work/Activation Session + Customized Necklace

Shipping and handling included

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Sample Moongold Healing Objects

Your customized object is not limited to these examples