Bridging Design and the Sacred

Moongold is an online market that offers nourishing healing products for home, heart, and mind.

Every purchase funds support of full or partial subsidized wellness services and enrollment in our kid/youth Holistic Design Village programs. (We believe that all people should have access to holistic and traditional wellness services along with young people having access to 21st Century STEAM/design skills, social-emotional wellness, and inclusive models of learning.) Thank you for shopping with us and supporting others while you nourish yourself!

Working with various designers, we offer a wide selection of products that connect directly to your heart and spirit.

We call this Sacred Design.

Moongold products are designed with a depth of love in support of assisting people to connect with a physical reminder of our basic goodness, our deep connection to Earth’s elements, and interdependence with all others and external phenomena.

These are universal truths and the roots of commonality amongst peoples, cultures, and wisdom traditions from all over the world. Moongold products serve as a support for remembering to work toward deeper connection with self, ancestors, other sentient beings, and the Earth’s elements.

Every part and piece was designed and hand-made with love and healing intention at every stage of the process. Our main line of products were designed and handmade by artist from African, Cherokee, and Diasporan ancestry and draw inspiration directly from those connections. We also work with designers/artists from a spectrum of other ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Although all aspects of our products come from either direct ancestral connection or long-term spiritual lineage connection-initiation, our sacred design incorporates universal design elements that have been used multi-culturally for centuries.

This is a large aspect of what we wanted to highlight. People from all different cultural and ancestral backgrounds find connection to our products. We hope that this will open up the opportunity for people to explore and go deeper with their own ancestral journeying in order to learn more about the lines of connection within themselves. This is a beautifully empowering healing process and an important aspect of health, wellness, and wholeness.

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