In-person Workshop Offerings

  • Earth-based Mindfulness + Meditation series:
    4 – 8 session series( 1hr / session)
  • Self-compassion, Relational, + Community Compassion for Community Wellness
    6 – 10 session series (1-3hrs/session)
  • 4 Limitless Qualities for Team + Community Wellness:
    Cultivating Equanimity/Equity, Loving-Kindness, Compassion, + Sympathetic Joy for Self and Group Healing
    4 – 8 session series (1-3hrs/session)
  • Equity, Race, and Community Wellness
    Are you wanting to infuse your personal journey, organization, business or school with principles of wellness, equity, and community? Are you curious about how the health and wellness can be integrated into how you function and what you offer the world? We’re here to share deep and practiced support with these areas.
    4 – 8 session series (1-3hrs/session)
  • Yoga and Cultural Appropriation 
    3 hour session

For more information + inquiries about our in-person sessions, please contact

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