Our Practice

Equity and Community Wellness

Our mission is to provide deep and holistic transformative educational experiences. We allow participants to explore, investigate, co-design, and deeply engage in the journey of learning, un-layering, and un-learning the multiple dimensions of implicit bias and relational racism. Our practice is centered on individual process and development through the integration of mindfulness-insight, compassion-empathy development, and racial equity development, as the basis for healthy community wellness.

While we will create sacred space together with the support of heart-based facilitation, there is a strong emphasis on surfacing the individual’s wisdom, engagement, and experiences. Our journey is to support others to expand beyond the confines of outdated, disconnecting, and limiting mindsets and connect with greater heart-mind liberation, connectivity, and healing. We do this from an intellectual and psycho-spiritual framework and center race in our intersectional approach.

Interdependence, compassion, honesty, and authenticity makes way for transformation


AIR Health + Wellness

Our AIR Health + Wellness framework and curricula offer participants

  • The opportunity to connect with deeper individual and collective healing by learning and practicing skills to work with difficult emotions, habitual patterns, and traumatic impacts connected to relational racism, cultural appropriation, and colonization
  • We will also support you in developing useful internal strategizing tools to develop confidence, understanding, and a practice that helps you embody the values that you want to live connected to individual and organizational equity development
  • We understand that this is an on-going process that takes dedication, exertion, and a desire to engage deeply in order to create meaningful impact and sustainability
  • Bridging self-compassion, what we call relational and community compassion, play, and creative engagement is the foundation of our work
  • Using an integration of traditional wisdom teachings, transpersonal-relational Western Psychology, Earth-based practices, and long-term intensive personal practice, the AIR Health + Wellness framework was developed

We work with individuals, small groups, and organizations. Gratitude and we look forward to connecting with you!

Deep Dharma Institute offerings are for:

  • Individuals
  • Organizations
  • Dharma Centers
  • Health + Wellness Practitioners
  • Companies
  • Non-profits
  • Youth (14-18)
  • Young Adults (19-25)

Heart-Mind-Body Integration and Attuning Online Sessions

To deepen individual and community wellness, the mind and body need to work in partnership in order to fully experience clarity of mind, connection to the heart-spirit, create balance and harmony of the physical body, and work with emotional stagnation and imbalance. Building the confidence to work with internal and external challenges takes practice and support. Part of our practice is to help you develop your own internal/lifestyle practice that will enhance deeper positive transformation in your social, work, organizational, business, and spiritual life.

Disclaimer: Soma practitioners are not medical doctors, psychotherapists, or financial counsellors, and will not provide biomedical (allopathic) diagnoses of illness, disease, or any physical or mental disorders, nor do they prescribe medical treatment or pharmaceuticals.  Soma’s services do not substitute for medical examination or diagnosis, and it is recommended that to see a primary healthcare provider for those services.

We Offer Workshops

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