AIR Health + Wellness

Our AIR Health + Wellness framework and curricula offer participants

  • The opportunity to connect with deeper individual and collective healing by learning and practicing skills to work with difficult emotions, habitual patterns, and traumatic impacts connected to relational racism, cultural appropriation, and colonization
  • We will also support you in developing useful internal strategizing tools to develop confidence, understanding, and a practice that helps you embody the values that you want to live connected to individual and organizational equity development
  • We understand that this is an on-going process that takes dedication, exertion, and a desire to engage deeply in order to create meaningful impact and sustainability
  • Bridging self-compassion, what we call relational and community compassion, play, and creative engagement is the foundation of our work
  • Using an integration of traditional wisdom teachings, transpersonal-relational Western Psychology, Earth-based practices, and long-term intensive personal practice, the AIR Health + Wellness framework was developed.

We work with individuals, small groups, and organizations. Gratitude and we look forward to connecting with you!