Inspired by Ancestors.



  1. Nectar of life, vitality, and rejuvenation.
  2. The Body; The embodied experience of the mind, emotions, and spirit.

In Ayurveda, SOMA is a nourishing and blissful ambrosia that supports and governs Ojas, the immunity of the body, mind, and spirit. It catalyzes rejuvenation in every cell in the body and opens us to greater spiritual connection and awakening.

As we exist in this physical world, the embodied experience is where emotional and spiritual well-being, as well as imbalances and stagnancies, express themselves. Working with the body, mind, and spirit are gateways to integrated wellness.

If you are a seeker, spiritual journeyer, health and wellness practitioner, educator, student of any kind, or simply interested in entering or going deeper into a holistic process of self-care, self-compassion, self-development and transformation, we are here for you.

Our belief in our human capacity for loving-kindness, compassion, and connection to our soul’s purpose is what drives our work. As practitioners, we are dedicated to our own continual process of self-healing, transformation, and living fully in our purpose, in order to support you in your desire to do the same.

The Seeds of SOMA

As practitioners, we are the seeds along with you and Earth’s elements. We are people who have had different amounts of time on Mother Earth, very different (but parallel) ways of growing up into this world, different (but parallel) healing journeys, and different (but parallel) societal experiences given the different bodies that we live in. We exist in different places on our journeys but we were drawn together in order to serve others in ways that we as individuals could only partially manifest. We are excited to continue to build community with others who understand that individual healing is the pathway to collective healing.

What We Offer

As practitioners, we are dedicated to providing health and wellness services through an integrative, intuitive, and creative process. We offer powerful integrated private wellness sessions and tandem wellness sessions with two practitioners for a hyper-integrated experience. We also offer intuitive business development, creative process support, product development, group workshops, yoga sessions for children, youth and adults and online courses in areas of wellness, sacred space design, relationship healing, and community wellness.

Why We Do It

We know that relationship, community, and global healing begins with every individual. Because of our own journeys, we at SOMA, have a deep understanding that sustainable health, wellness, healing, and connection to soul’s purpose is something that is important for everyone to have access to. We feel that it is not something that should only be accessible to those who may have formal education, live in a particular neighbourhood or who can afford to pay high rates. Support with healing and access to holistic and traditional practices should be a standard of living for all people.

Our goal is to make our wellness sessions, courses, kid + youth programs, and healing products as accessible to as many people as possible. To do this, we utilize what we call an integrated social enterprise – feedback loop model.

How We Do It

This means that when you book a session, pay for an online yoga session, take an online workshop/course, or purchase one of the Moongold healing products you are not only giving yourself the gift of well-being and development, but also providing this gift to someone else. Our model allows you to become a part of an on-going growing movement of people supporting economic models that are more sustainable for more people.

Income generated from product sales allows us to support fully and partially subsidized sliding scale options for our wellness services, in-person workshops, and youth + kids programming so that we don’t have to rely on outside funding sources in order to provide our services and programs. We will be providing partial or fully subsidized wellness sessions, workshops, and programs by the end of 2017 with children, youth, and adults in communities and geographies that are often excluded from integrative holistic wellness, out-of-school educational programming, and 21st Century skill development.

Staying grounded in our “neo-ancient” approach, we acknowledge that this type of model has its roots in older models that have been operating amongst our ancestors all over the world. We are excited to continue their traditions.

Who We Work With

We work with everyone who feels connected to our mission, process, and practice and is looking for health and wellness support and development. Our sessions and offerings are meant to support people from a wide range of experiences, needs, ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds.

In addition, we have embodied experiences and understanding that many Indigenous to Turtle Island, Black, People of Colour, immigrants, refugees, people with physical/non-visible disabilities, limited cash resources, and subsidized families have been historically and still are severed from the wealth of traditional mind-body-spirit wellness modalities that often come from their histories and ancestors. At the same time these are the practices and modalities we witness being more widely used in “alternative health-care” practices, often limiting access mostly to those who don’t have direct ancestral connection to the practices.  As it is important to our mission to create more harmony, balance and equity, we also aim to make these modalities as accessible as possible to these populations.